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Wooden Box Incense Burner Set – Whitewash +Incense Set


When looking to unwind, meditate, set intentions or simply elevate the vibration of your space, our Wooden Box Incense Burner Sets contain everything you need to create a profound experience. Scent is a powerful way to set the mood in a space and help capture the feel of a moment. When this sensory gift is paired with the energy of intention setting, it makes for a powerful experience. The practice of burning incense, resin and herbs helps to relax your senses, bring you to center and back to your point of power. Make the ritual of resin and incense burning a meditative practice to amplify your intention setting.


Our set includes
• Wooden Box Incense Burner Set – approx. 12″” L x 2” W x X2.50 H”
• Selenite Stick 5” Long X ¼” to ½” Diameter approx.
• Incense Sticks – 15 sticks from options. Stick length: 10.75”. Burn time: 1hr each
• Never leave burning incense unattended

Wooden Box Incense Burner – Whitewash
Handcrafted Indian rosewood, this incense burner box makes a beautiful ornament for your home. This box burner is designed to accommodate both stick and cone burning. The interior has two hole placements for incense sticks and two metal plates to hold the cones. A hidden compartment in the bottom allows for storage of additional incense sticks. Place your incense cones on the brass plates or light up your incense sticks and put them into the holes on both sides. The box neatly contains the cinders while the fragrant smoke softly rises out the carved openings, creating a soothing ambiance in your space. This box allows for you to burn multiple scents at a time and create your own unique aroma should you choose so.

Selenite – Selenite is one of the most powerful metaphysical crystal. A protective stone, Selenite has the ability to quickly unblock stagnant energy, dispel negative energy and shield a person or space from outside influences. It is known for its ability to cleanse, charge and magnify the energy of other crystals that are placed around it. As Selenite does not retain negative energy, it does not have to be cleared. Often referred to as “liquid light”, Selenite is recognized to flow positive energy into any room in which it’s placed.

Incense – 15 Sticks from Auric Blends
Incense has a long history throughout the world. In modern day, incense is used for a multitude of activities such as meditation, yoga practice, relaxing, enhancing creativity and focus and to set the mood of our various environments. To enjoy these marvelously scented hand-dipped incense sticks, gently light and extinguish the tip and simply place in the holder, then let the room fill with exquisite fragrance. Charcoal & Alcohol free. Handcrafted in Northern California.
• Patchouli – An essential oil from Indonesia and the surrounding area, Patchouli is deep, luxurious and earthy.
• Love – A soft musk with notes of White Amber, Woods, and a touch of Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess.
• Sandalwood – Egyptian, Arabian and Tunisian sandalwood blended with golden amber and light green leafy notes.

*Please note that due to the handmade nature of these items, size, color, patterns and shape may vary slightly.

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