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Large Abalone Shell with Wooden Stand Set


This set includes a large Abalone Shell and a hand-carved wooden stand. With streaks of stunning iridescent pink and bluish-greens Abalone shells are a beautiful gift straight from the ocean. They hold the energy of the sea and bring feelings of peace, love and healing. Abalone shells are used in many cultures as tools to perform smudging rituals. Use your abalone shell to serve as a dish for holding cinders when burning sage, loose herbs or other smudge sticks. Shells are also used as decorative objects and are perfect for holding crystals, smudge sticks, incense, potpourri etc. Each shell is unique in color, shape, and size. Our shells are hand-picked and sustainably harvested.

• Natural Abalone Shell measures approximately 6” – 7”
• Wooden Tripod Stand measures approximately 6”
• The back of these Abalone shells is rough and holes and black marks are considered normal as they are natural shells from sea

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