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What we Do

Our mission is to inspire and support you in attaining a more peaceful, joyful and fulfilling life. We believe that happiness and inner peace are to be cultivated on a daily basis and that with a shift of mindset we can increase our overall satisfaction with life. By practicing gratitude, we learn to live in the present and gain joy from appreciating the fullness of the moment. At Kapha Living, we provide you with practices and tools to help you as you slow things down and start living more mindfully.

Live everyday with Intention

Kapha Living is all about love, happiness and positivity. We are about living more consciously, about living everyday with intention. Setting intentions serves as a roadmap for how to live out each day so you can achieve your goals and become the person you truly want to be. Intentions give you purpose and help you raise your vibrational energy so you may attract what you want into your life. By setting intentions, you start to design your life and co-create the reality that you desire.

Create your own Sanctuary

We help you create a space that is soothing and nurturing to your Soul, a space that allows you to recharge and thrive. You will find here guidance, time-honored practices along with a curated selection of self-care tools, healing crystals and clearing instruments. You will also find here inspirational artwork and optimistic clothing and accessories, all crafted to help you live more purposefully, raise your vibrational frequency and design your life.

Giving Back

At Kapha Living, we strive to spread love, peace and kindness through our products, our message and our way of life. Philanthropy is at the core of our mission and purpose, our heart and soul. We partner with select nonprofit organizations to help bring awareness to their cause and help support their mission. To learn more about how we give back and the organizations we work with click here

Love. Peace. Light. – Kapha Living


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